Apertura AD10 - Impressive Scope

  1. exparrot
    Just got my first Dob last week and it's the AD10. I added all the bells and whistles, too. All that and free shipping via Fed Ex - hard to beat. The icing on the cake? It was still perfectly collimated upon arrival.

    I own an 8" SCT already and didn't expect much of a wow-factor by only going up to 10", but I was wrong. An increase in magnitude by a factor of 1 brings a lot more stars within visual reach than I expected, especially in my light polluted backyard. I have enough stars in the eyepiece now that I might actually be able to hunt down some DSOs.

    In just the little time I've had to use it, I'm amazed. For example, M42 is really mesmerizing in this scope and I actually saw the E and F companions in the Trapezium. That's a first for me, after trying for years. Also, saw more detail in Jupiter than I've ever seen before - looks like this is going to be a great planetary scope.

    So, very impressed with this scope and Opticsmart - both are top notch.

  2. titaniumsalute04
    I'll be getting an AD12 in the next couple of months. I've yet to find a bad review anywhere on the scope or the customer service. I've got decent skies where I live. I can make out the Andromeda galaxy naked eye using averted vision. So I'm super pumped about star hopping around to all the DSO's as well as the planets. All I have right now is some Nikon 10X50's and was blown away with how gigantic Andromeda looked through them so I know the AD12 is gonna get the ol' ticker pumpin.
  3. exparrot
    That AD12 should really be nice. It's a huge step up from your binos, so I expect Andromeda will be amazing through it. I started to go with with the AS12 myself, but the weight of the components was more than I wanted to deal with. -Jerry
  4. dodgerm37
    I built a three wheel dolly for my AD 12 that makes moving it quite a bit easier. You might consider an observing chair of some sort in order to better enjoy your evenings with a great "water heater"! My Nikon 10x50's are never out of reach, they are too useful not to be. Before trying to use the included laser collimator make sure it's properly collimated. My first scope was a Z10. It's identical to the AD10, except for the customer service. Apertura has it, far too many others don't. Clear skies, Bob
  5. SonnyBats
    Have either of you fellas looked through the ad8? Just curious bc that's probably going to be my first scope and was wondering how it is..
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