Southern Illinois Area

  1. Moon
    It looks like I am not alone...I am in the Alton area...
  2. ZeroKlass
    Hey buddy! I'm nearby in Edwardsville!
  3. Moon
    Zero ,
    Do you belong to the local club ?
  4. ZeroKlass
    Well I go to school at SIUE, and have seen on the events list that there is some sort of astronomy club here, but I haven't seen any updates or upcoming parties to be hosted. But no, haven't found much around here. I am still waiting on my scope to arrive, bought a SpaceProbe 130ST last friday, and cannot WAIT for tomorrow as it should arrive then. I'm just a nooby!!
  5. pmaurer2287
    Sorry school has started, and havent had much time to get on. This is awesome, I currently am in the process of getting a newtonian dob 8 in reflector telescope.
  6. Cladinator
    Congrats on the new scopes. Post a report when you get to use those beasts.
  7. ZeroKlass
    Oh you know I will
  8. ZeroKlass
    Alright Clad, it's up buddy! (Astronomy beginners forum)
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