Welcomes and introductions.

  1. kingclinton
    Hi and welcome to the group.
    The write up explains what we are about and I hope you will be encouraged to join in the conversations.

    Feel free to introduce yourself via this thread and tell us a bit about your equipment etc.
    Some of you we may already know and we look forward to discussing short exposure astrophotography using ALT/AZ mounts with you.

    Looking forward to sharing hints, tips and images with you all!
  2. bladekeeper
    Hi Clinton! Thanks for starting this group up! Very cool!

    I've made a few afocal snaps via smart phone with my 12" dob. I've also got my 90mm Maksutov, though I've yet to attempt any AP with that.

    Also, I'm presently in the throws of agonizing over the addition of one or more refractors. I'm almost at the point of pulling the trigger on either an ES AR127 or AR102 AND an Orion ST80. Decisions, decisions...
  3. kingclinton
    Welcome Bryan!

    The ST80 is the workhorse of the AP world.
    Your little 90 is a great stepping stone into the dark world of AP!
    I look forward to any contributions you may have to the group!
  4. starlogborg
    Hello. My name is Tom, and I'm an altaziclickaholic.

    I love Dobs and I love public outreach, which usually ends up with a long line of people wanting to snap photos of the Moon or Saturn or something to take back home and show the family. So I've also taken an interest in snapping afocal pictures to show my own family. I'm more of a visual guy than an AP hound, so I'm looking forward to lots of tips and tricks of the experts here.
  5. bladekeeper

    Welcome, Tom!
  6. starlogborg

    You know, from the (pig) Latin...
    altitude/azimuth (altazi)
    short exposure photography (click!)
    addicted to (holic)

  7. sxinias
    Great idea Clinton. Looking forward to see how this goes. Count me in.

  8. kingclinton
    Welcome Tom and Joe!

    Joe I look forward to your input, it was your excellent work in this arena that got me involved in it.

    Tom, as mentioned earlier, I have seen your future in my crystal ball!
  9. BABOafrica
    Clinton -- great idea and thanks for starting the group.

    I don't know how much input I have, but I am interested in the group.

    I will say this much: now matter how much equipment you have, passing clouds limit one's ability to do anything other than short exposures. And my sky is plagued with passing clouds most of the year.

    So, 30 sec exposures is a crucial part of doing AP for me.

    Also in my future - 1) a plan to use my 17.5 dob on a EQ platform with an arduino controller (I have all the gear and I gave it a brief attempt earlier this year)

    - 2) a plan to build a super lightweight 10inch NEWT as an astrograph, mounted on my AVX (I almost got this working but now have to do a new mirror)

    Both projects are definitely in the realm of 30 sec exposure (or less).

    Besides, I have a friend who is giving me a Fujifilm X-A1 for Christmas (I hope !!!) and that will open up all kinds of new possibilities.

  10. bladekeeper
    Thanks for joining the group Joe!
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