Welcomes and introductions.

  1. kanadalainen
    Hi all,

    I just joined up. The goal is to learn as much as I can and then to jump in when I think I'm ready.

  2. kingclinton
    Hi and welcome Ian! Great to have you on board.
  3. bladekeeper
    Welcome to the group, Ian!
  4. PaulWAS
    Hi group,
    My astrophotography has been limited to Moon phase images using a DSLR with a Celestron Travelscope 70mm and 2 stacked 2x converters. I recently, 2 months ago, bought a Skymax 127 with a SupaTrack mount and a Goto mount but, as yet, have only used the Mak in daylight: the weather has been very unkind in the UK. I am hoping to use the DSLR on the Mak and also a TVV3000 USB eyepiece camera to obtain close ups of Moon detail and planets. Any member got any useful tips?
    Regards PaulWAS
  5. kingclinton
    Hi and welcome to the group Paul.

    Wish I could offer you advice on the MAk but I have no experience with one.
    I would start by taking 15-20 second exposures and working out how far you can go before you see some star trailing. Shoot as many frames as you can when you do find the best exposure time for that object.
    Then shoot at least half as many dark frames stack them and process.

    Have fun and let us know how it goes.
  6. kingclinton
    Hey folks, Arun sent me a PM and asked that I please post his intro here. He has yet to reach the minimum posts required to post in the groups.
    So let me welcome Arun and we look forward to your posts in the group soonest. Here is his intro:

    Hello folks!
    My name is Arun and I stumbled upon this group when Clinton's post appeared on the "What's new" page. I have recently acquired a Nexstar 130SLT (first scope). At the outset, AP was not a part of the plan as I chose my scope and camera. But they do seem to work well together and I would like to explore how far I can take them This group seems like it is built for a setup similar to what I have Looking forward to following, learning and sharing
  7. bladekeeper
    Hello Arun! Welcome to the group! I am looking forward to seeing the results of your short exposure efforts!
  8. ozeclipse
    Hi all,

    Another Joe to join the group, just to add to the confusion. I only just discovered this group.

    I already know many of you from the astrophotography group. I live in Canberra Australia. Light pollution isn't too bad in town but I have access to a property 1 hr drive out of town 700m altitude with excellent dark skies (when it isn't cloudy). Like all of you I am interested in pushing the limits of modern DSLR's.

    Main Camera
    Pentax K1 Sony Exmoor Full Frame Sensor DSLR. DxO Mark Sports ISO of 3200 (SNR 30dB)

    Favourite fast Lenses for AP
    Samyang 14mm f2.8 and Samyang 135mm f2
    Pentax 50mm f1.7 and Pentax 300mm f4 EDIF

    Much of my work can be seen here

  9. kingclinton
    Rather late than never, welcome to the group Joe!
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