Welcomes and introductions.

  1. bladekeeper
    Welcome to the group, Parker. Good to have you with us! Our friend Clinton here dabbles a bit in RC. Looking forward to your contributions or questions or both!
  2. steve_field
    Hey Parker! Welcome! I think we may be leading parallel lives... I too got a 130SLT in November and it now no longer bears any resemblance to what came out of the box! Moved the primary forward, added a telrad, stiffened the mount... I think I'm having as much fun fabricating telescope stuff as I am observing and taking pictures!
  3. ParkerM
    Ha ha, I'm with you there bud! Just yesterday my wedge mount made by Meade came in, Meade #884 to be exact. Thing is a tank compared to the Celestron mount! Can't wait for it to slow down at work so I can get back to what's really important! Be interesting to see what you have done, soon as I get a chance I'll load up pics of my setup. I did add some of astro pics for anyone interested, feel free to critique them. I'm here to learn!
  4. kingclinton
    Welcome to the group Parker.
    My interest in RC is a Losi DBXL and a savage that I rebuilt.
    Fun hobby and just as expensive as this one.
  5. ParkerM
    I used to be a Savage fanatic. Used to mod my own motors when I ran nitro and a few years back got my hands on an all carbon fiber brushless beast. Haven't messed with either in forever. Need to reassemble the nitro one, got a carbon fiber chassis for it, and the brushless eats diff gears like crazy. Thought about throwing my CEN diffs from the nitro in it, and that's about as far as I got! I also have a few cars, boats a truggy and a plane. I think the truggy was another HPI product, can't remember off the top of my head. I was going to get into off road racing back in San Antonio but been in Lake Charles for 7 years!
  6. ParkerM
    Just added another album titled Other Hobbies, check it out.
  7. wdm2012
    Name is Don. My current project is a 12.5 in dobosonian. Next will be an eq platform, and then to do some astrophotography.
  8. bladekeeper
    Hello Don! Welcome to the group!
  9. kingclinton
    Hi and welcome to the group Don.

    Henk has managed some decent AP with a dob on a barndoor tracker.
    So I look forward to seeing what you can do when you are ready.
    Feel free to start new threads here and ask questions or add photos etc.
  10. kingclinton
    Hey Parker, some great looking cars in your album mate!

    I got tired of rebuilding the nitro motors(not to mention diffs and gearboxes) and am loving running the 1/5 scale Losi on gas!
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