Welcomes and introductions.

  1. frazmataz
    Hello to all, I've been interested in the minimalist approach to astrophotography since I first learned of it more than a year ago. My equipment purchases have always been made with one eye toward this end. Looking forward to learning from everyone here and hopefully, will be able to make a positive contribution to the group as I learn and grow.
  2. kingclinton
    Welcome to the group!

    Great to have you on board.
  3. bladekeeper
    Welcome Danny!
  4. rickg18704
    I'm in. My new Canon T6 arrived this week. It brought with it a week of overcast skies and chilling rain. I have over 200 photos of my small apartment in varying degrees of shutter speed, f/stop, and ISO settings.
  5. bladekeeper
    Hi Rick! Welcome to the group! Congrats on the new T6!
  6. kingclinton
    Hi and welcome to the group Rick.
  7. mstar74
    Thanks for forming the group. It will provide encouragement for newbies + be a pool of knowledge and ideas helping all. It has encouraged me to try and improve my techniques using alt-az mounts. I'm starting by taking on a challenging target, the Cocoon Nebula, on which I want to hone my skills. It's the 1st target on which I will be using my modified Canon T5. Even with this camera on a 150mm Newt, the nebula is almost impossible to see in a 20s shot in my light polluted sky. My SkyProdigy mount doesn't have Precise GoTo or Sync, so I had to upload a 20s exposure to Astrometry.net to see whether I had acquired the nebula and if so where it was in my photo. I'm using for the 1st time a program called Dark Master to match my darks to lights by temp. As soon as it stops raining, I'm going to see whether PHD guiding will work with an alt-az mount. If so, perhaps my mount's poor tracking can be tamed enough for my exposure length to be limited only by field rotation.
  8. bladekeeper
    Welcome to the group, mstar!
  9. kingclinton
    Welcome to the group Mstar.
  10. ParkerM
    Ah, my kind of people! My name is Parker and I own a very quickly changing 130 SLT. Bought her in November and starting modding her right away. So far I've only gotten one successful DSO but that is due to crummy weather and most recently technical difficulties. I will try and upload a few pics when I get out of new guy jail. Look forward to learning from everyone and hopefully bringing some of my varied skills into play as soon as I figure out where to use them. I'm new to astronomy, astrophotography and photography as well. My previous hobbies include anything RC, automotive, small engine, metal fab, fishing, gunsmithing, and over the last few years figuring out the Universe! I'm an avid DIYer and tinkerer. Most of everything I've done so far to the scope has come from digging around in this forum, can't wait to contribute in any way I can!
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