Welcomes and introductions.

  1. Ella5471
    Hello! I am really glad to see a group created for this subject. I personally have been using a powerseeker 114EQ with its supplied equitorial mount, now it isnt an AZ however it is not very sturdy at all and limits exposures severly, most of my images do not use exposures longer than 8 seconce because of this. I have achieved 45 seconds in the past but only in very specific conditions.
    I have been working with short exposure images for the past year and I have found quite a few ways to get the most out of them.
    Very excited for the group!

  2. bladekeeper
    Welcome to the group, Ella!
  3. CamelHat
    Thanks for starting this group! I joined because I believe the dynamic range of cameras is improving to the point where we can do AP with 30 second exposures or less without much loss of quality compared to fewer longer exposures. So then Alt/Az or equatorial does not matter anymore and it is also easier on the tracking. I look forward to the discussions.
  4. bladekeeper
    Hello Henk! Thanks for joining!
  5. kingclinton
    Welcome Joe, Ella and Henk, great to have you guys aboard!

    Henk if you would like to start a discussion on some of these newer cameras I am all ears.
    I have seen you and Joe(Africa) discussing the Fuji line.
    Sounds very interesting.
  6. Ella5471
    Glad to be involved!

    I submitted a couple of my short exposure images. This is my first time joining a forum group so just let me know if I do anything wrong! LOL
  7. kingclinton
    Thanks for participating Ella.

    There is no right and wrong.
    We would love to see many more images of your outstanding work.
  8. kevin.mcde
    Hello from New Mexico. I'm Kevin and have had my scope for just over a year. I have 9.25 Evo and Alt/Az mount and an HD wedge. My short exposure DSOs are getting better but thanks to this group I now have folks to bounce ideas off and get some feedback. Currently I have my wedge exposure up to 45s and hope to get more out of it. However, there are nights when setting up the wedge feels like work so want to work on the Alt/Az imaging. I'm at about 15-20 seconds and have had some decent success. Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is doing!
  9. kingclinton
    Welcome to the group Kevin, great to have you aboard!
  10. bladekeeper
    Welcome to the group, Kevin!
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