1. astrocop
    Any one there?
  2. Petelotta7
    Hi Astrocop,

    Sorry, been 'off the radar' for a bit. We have not had that many great weekend nights recently here in Adelaide!! I see you have some pretty cool equipment you use. I have only got the Celestron 130 SLT, but it works really well especially with the wifi adapter and ipad app.

    Do you have any spots that are excellent for viewing in Adelaide you could recommend?

  3. astrocop
    Hey Pete, trust you are well. Im a shift worker so sometimes its a bit hard to get away to some dark skies. I dont know whether you live north or south of Adelaide but I have a couple of little private spots near the Myponga reserviour and towards Mclaren Vale. I also try and get down to Tooperang which is on the road to Goolwa. This is part of ASSA. I dont know if you're a member or not. My first scope was a little 114mm reflector so your 130mm is a monster compared to that. Good seeing. Talk soon.
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