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  • Astronomical League

    The Astronomical League is composed of over two hundred and forty local amateur astronomical societies from all across the United States. These organizations, along with Members-at-Large form one of the largest amateur astronomical organizations in the world. So if you are a member of the AL in ant way please join up, and lets discuss the Astronomical League.:astronomer1:

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    Hi from the UK
  • Do It Yourself Astro Gear

    Amature astronomers have proven that they are a creative lot. Rather making their own chairs or making a portable observing desk. Here is a place where we can all freely express our creative ideas.

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  • History of Astronomy

    [FONT="Franklin Gothic Medium"][SIZE="3"]Records and record-keeping: Lost and Found[/SIZE][/FONT]



    [*] How did we get to where we are today?

    [*] What were the significant discoveries and inventions?

    [*] Who found them or created them?

    [*] What were the false steps along the way?

    [*] What have we forgotten?

    [*] What are we in danger of losing?

    [*] What misconceptions about the past linger today?



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    Delightful Quote from Kepler
  • Jupiter Group

    There are many exciting things going on with Jupiter.

    1)It is currently very near its closest opposition since the 1960's.

    2)The Southern Equatorial Belt Revival could happen anytime!!!

    3)There are Jupiter moon events going on almost every night.

    4)A large FOV eyepiece can show Jupiter AND Uranus in the SAME view!!

    Join this group if you are interested in sharing updates and other info on Jupiter.

    First one to report seeing the SEB begin to revive gets a free Sweet Pickle!!!


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  • Light pollution awareness

    Help fight the evergrowing plauge of light pollution and help spread the word about light pollution, and prosterity be able to enjoy the wonders of the night sky!

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    This group doesn't have any discussions yet.
  • KISS

    KISS as

    This is an attempt to simplify and rationalize the world and to give simple solutions to complex problems. Everyone is encouraged to bring their ideas and solutions that are simpler than ones offered by some other source. Astronomy is not very cheap and simple hobby, and making it a bit more comfortable and affordable is always welcome!

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  • Where Were You When This Astronomical Event Happened

    [B][I]Where Were You When This Astronomical Event Happened? [/I][/B] is a group at this astronomy Forum, this International Astronomy Community, which focuses on the personal experience of people at this site. The focus is on the personal experience of each person when a particular event occurred in the recent history of astronomy. One of the values of such a focus is that it helps the memory. The synchronization of one's personal life, one's micro-world, with the macro-universe is a helpful juxtaposition---for those who would like to join.-Ron Price, Tasmania:whistling:

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  • astronomy knowledge and more

    a place where beginners or experinced can post anything they recenly learned or found interesting.

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  • Astronomy Literature

    This group is for those that want to find and share information about astronomy related books, magazines, online publications, scientific journals, etc.

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    Turn Left at Orion (Update)
  • Observing Reports

    This group is a place to list your observing reports. Everyone has had a report, especially a first light report. If you've logged these reports on the forum (or elsewhere), post the links in this group and track your progress.

    Not only is it important to make reports, but it's important to read others and learn from those as well.

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    My reports VI

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