New member to the 114mm club

  1. terrynak
    Just found out about your group - been using a 114mm for about 3 years now. My first 4.5" was a Starblast 4.5EQ and then I moved to a Celestron Powerseeker 114EQ about a year later. The latter is still my workhorse scope.

  2. Wingsfan81
    Welcome to the group! It seems that many of these groups aren't too terribly active, I'm guessing most folks just hang out on the main part of the forum the majority of the time.
  3. terrynak
    Thanks - I guess the people that were here have moved on to bigger and better telescopes..
  4. Wingsfan81
    Well, I did buy that 11" scope, but my 114mm certainly isn't going anywhere as I still get plenty of use out of it as a grab n' go option for quick nights and for solar viewing. Honestly, with the crappy seeing around here much of the time Saturn and the moon look nearly as good in this as they do in my 11". Obviously the 11" will show DSOs that I'll have no hope of seeing in the 114mm, but for planetary, lunar, and double star observing the small scope can hold it's own most nights!
  5. terrynak
    That's good to hear! I own some larger scopes (one 130/650mm, two 150/750mm Newts) but I like my 114mm too much to start using the others. Still lots of work to be done with this one.
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