It's funny how my mind can go into overdrive from two recent posts here on AF.
In the Nova business
Symbiotic variable Vend 47= nova?

Now, I'm not interested in pins and certificates, even though I believe in the Astronimical League's mission. What I am really interested in is an observation opportunity that has been sitting in front of me all this time. As the saying says, some times one cannot see the forest for the trees.

I've heard of Symbiotic Stars before, but never looked into what exactly what they are. But I do now.

In a nut shell, a Symbiotic Star is wide binary system (Red Giant and a White Dwarf). The strong stellar winds from the red giant allows the white dwarf to accrete at high rate. Most of the time, the light an observer sees is the combination of the white dwarf, the red giant, and the accreting material. But some times the accreting material or the red giant can dominate the light. These may behave as a classical nova, as a subtype NC nova.

Here's some information for those interested:
Wikipedia: and

And heres two links for Symbiotic Stars Catalog ( a total of 218 stars):

Or on VizieR:
enter Symbiotic Stars Catalog for the catalog.

When I get some clear sky, I'll be checking in on a couple of these.
And I recommend to all interested, please submit observations to AAVSO.