Hey everyone

I invite you to check out my blog about the total solar eclipse coming up this August:

Eclipse August 2017!

I have been a member of an eclipse chasers' discussion group for almost 20 years now. Many of the world's top eclipse chasers are members.

It's my intention that I share some of the knowledge I have learned from them over these years.

So far, most of the posts are designed to be inspirational- I have been trying to inspire my friends and family to go see this eclipse from the path of totality.

I'll soon be writing more educational posts, including some suggestions of how to choose a viewing location, and how to deal with the weather.

There is a links page- that post was made in May 2016. I highly encourage you to look at that post.

Best wishes to all of you who are going. Best wishes to all of you who are staying home to see the partial. (Perhaps some of the posts will inspire you to go see the total, though!)

Thanks for reading and spreading the word about this amazing event!