I've no idea if any of this has been posted before but I wanted to share some tips after recently moving over to bluetooth control of my mount via SkySafari and an Android smartphone. If interested I have a another thread describing how I cheaply made my Nexstar BT enabled: Nexstar SE with bluetooth and SkySafari = Brillaint.

Overall I'm really delighted with the bluetooth implementation in Safari, it enriches my experience over the basic hand controller and is a far better implementation than most Wifi solutions. However, one nagging issue for me when using an Android device in the field is the tendency to accidentally hit the home or back button when using the phone, thereby exiting SkySafari and burning my night adjusted eyes as my phone goes to the non red-filtered home screen.

There is an elegant solution to this called Pinning, which I'll describe below along with a few other tips. Remember this is Android only.

Prep. steps for using SkySafari in the field:

1. First in SkySafari go to Preferences -> Behaviour and check 'Prevent Sleep' and 'Redden Keyboard in Night Vision'. These are basic settings that make the app more observer friendly in general.

2. In Android settings go to Security -> Pin Windows and Turn it on. Make sure 'Use screen lock to upin' is Off.

3. When in the field Open SkySafari then hit the 'Recents' soft button (the one that shows your list of all opened apps). Find Skysafari and at the bottom a small Pin icon will appear. Hit that and the app will stay put without exiting even if you accidentally hit the home button. To disable this requires you to press both Recents and Back buttons together. Very simple.

That's it. For me this makes the world of difference in the field and gives me a rock solid software platform to control my scope from without the nagging anxiety my night vision will get lost.

Many thanks