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Thread: Celestial Dance

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    Edmond Wollmann Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    Uranus turns SD at accelarated degrees in Aquarius.

    Voyager leaves our collective conciousness (Solar system).

    An Eclipse creates a Grand sextile with Chiron, labled by some as the
    Harmonic Concordance:

    Solar flares and sunspots rage.

    This marks the midpoint of my injection into consciousness of the
    Paradigm Shift.

    And the day came when the need to remain closed became more painful
    than the risk to be open.

    Edmond H. Wollmann P.M.A.F.A.
    © 2003 Altair Publications, SAN 299-5603
    Astrological Consulting

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    BlueAce69 Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    In article < >, Edmond Wollmann

    I wonder why they aren't causing fires now?

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    yorkshire foot Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    Edmond Wollmann wrote:

    you, Edmo, are a shaved ape and a nancy boy, now dance for me!

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    Cujo Guest

    Default K00k Dance (Edmond Wollmann) wrote in om:

    AUK added.

    What does San Diego have to do with this, dumbfuck? Incoherence noted.

    Boy, oh boy. The all-that-fails out there in the Multi-verse is gonna be
    pissed about this. Our collective consciousness is supposed to be part of
    the all-that-fails according to your previous screeds. Please let us all
    know just what the **** happened and whether the all-that-fails should
    file for unemployment or get the Teamstersw to stage a boycott.

    Which means nothing. Pray continue with your senseless blathering, kook!

    Gee, looks like they gave up on San Diego. I hope you're ready to tell
    everyone what is next up right after it happens.

    WTF is this crap? So you added your brain and its one neuron like that's
    going to make a difference. Lay off the SF-Fantasy-New Age crap and say
    what you mean in no uncertain terms so I can ridicule your kookiness
    again, you scumbag.

    That sounds coherent, impressive and vague. Looks like Eddieeeee couldn't
    go a whole post without stealing something.

    Cujo - The Official Overseer of Kooks and Trolls in
    alt.paranormal, alt.astrology and alt.astrology.metapsych.
    Winner of the 8/2000 & 2/2003 HL&S award. Hail Petitmorte!
    Official TruKook(tm) as certified by Ed Wollmann. Meow.
    "I have defined it 100 times and lost my account at AOL for doing so"
    and "I have lost no accounts for spamming." - Edmo trying to have it
    both ways.

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    Mr. 4X's Avatar
    Mr. 4X Guest

    Default Celestial Dance (Edmond Wollmann) wrote in message om:

    What the f... are you screeding about, kook?

    This sentence is just incoherent.

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    Philip N. Bergaz's Avatar
    Philip N. Bergaz Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    Edmond Wollmann wrote:

    Let's fast-forward to your endpoint, kook.

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    Philip N. Bergaz's Avatar
    Philip N. Bergaz Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    BlueAce69 wrote:

    Hmm! Maybe because the Santa Ana winds have died down, it's not as hot,
    and it's been raining!

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    Wally Anglesea™'s Avatar
    Wally Anglesea™ Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    On 8 Nov 2003 10:03:44 -0800, BlueAce69 <>

    They've rotated out of view. Of course the X-28 flare should have
    caused something, if Eddies silly notion were to have any basis in

    Don't worry, there are new sunspots rotating into view. I'll let
    everyone know.

    EDDIE: there's a big one on it's way. Have you alerted the authorities
    yet about your new theory?

    or have you figured out yet you are so wrong it's funny?

    Lt. General, Fanatic Legions.
    Commander of Southern Hemisphere Forces.

    Find out about Australia's most dangerous Doomsday Cult:

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    Bob Officer's Avatar
    Bob Officer Guest

    Default Kook (Celestial) Dance

    On 8 Nov 2003 09:45:48 -0800, in alt.astrology, (Edmond
    Wollmann) wrote:

    Can anyone make sense out of this shit?

    Contradiction alert.
    accelerated degrees? Stationary?

    Contradiction alert.
    If the "all that is" is part of our collective consciousness, then how can
    voyager leave it? Why is the solar system the defining element?

    Chiron the comet?

    LOL, Rage? that's a human concept.

    You're fucking yourself? It that something like X marks the spot?

    A laxative will help that Eddy...


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    Bob Officer Guest

    Default Celestial Dance

    On Sat, 08 Nov 2003 21:22:42 GMT, in alt.astrology, Wally Anglesea™
    <> wrote:

    Like last night, I listened to a nutbar on the radio that said "Solar wind
    causes the Jet Stream" along with about 30 other nonsensical claims. all
    went unchallenged as Norri lead him into the wild realm of make believe

    This guys claim the giant comets crashing into the sun made the CME and
    flares. The MIB was shutting down the SOHO so he couldn't track them.

    Maybe he can get on Norri's radio show.

    He is a coward.



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