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    I get a decent concentric pattern at outside focus, though a little over-corrected. But on inside focus, the image falls apart badly. This situation isn't covered on any web sites I've found. Is there anything that can be done to improve the result?

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    Default Star Test Result

    (PatDotson) wrote in

    What sort of scope? Valery Deryuzhin or Aries Optics had a corrector
    called a SAFIX, you could specify the amount of over/under correction of
    your scope and order the matching SAFIX to rectify the problem. I think
    it was intended for SCT's. They also had a thing called a Chromachor
    which could fix both spherical aberation and chromatic aberation for
    achro refractors (The chromachor cost more than the achro OTA but
    probably still cheaper overall than a genuine APO refractor).

    Rgds Llanzlan.



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