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    Default Recommended Eyepieces


    I was wondering if any of you have advice on eyepieces.

    I've only got a cheap Bushnell reflector, and being only an occasional
    astronomer, can't justify the expense of a better telescope, but would
    like to get better views at higher magnification than the cheap
    plastic things I have now!

    So far I've only ever looked at the moon - and was impressed at 20mm
    and pretty awestruck at 4mm, if only to see the inside of the crescent
    (its got a name, I know!) in it all its rugged glory (you know, the
    contours of the craters and all that). But obviously, I could tell the
    4mm eyepiece was less than state of the art.

    So I'm wondering what eyepiece to get...

    What else do I want to look at? Well, the planets... if I could get to
    see the rings on saturn that would be great. Other stuff - I dunno,
    stars are stars for the most part... some general deep space poking
    around perhaps, but I don't see this ever becoming a 'serious' hobby -
    just something to dip into when I want to get a sense of where I am in
    the scheme of things, contemplate the mysteries of life, that kind of

    So I'm looking for something that'll give me sharper images of the
    moon than my 4mm plastic Bushnell, and will let me see more of the
    planets than I can with the naked eye (ie. more than just bigger!).

    The bushnell is a 600mm reflector, 0.965" eyepieces. It does have a
    1.25" adaptor thing - but I'd need then to get a whole set of pieces,
    whereas if I got 0.965" then I could use them with my bushenll 20mm,
    which I'm fairly content with (I'm not too hard to impress).

    Any ideas? I've seen a Meade 0.965" 12mm second hand, which I'm guess
    would be an improvement on my 4mm bushnell (?), but anyone got an idea
    of what I could cheaply (2nd hand or new), and where to get them?

    I could probably do with a decent barlow too.


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    Default Recommended Eyepieces

    "computer_user" <> wrote in message om...

    Actually with that scope (I have a Bushnell 900mm 4.5" with 1.25" lenses)
    your pretty
    safe to stick with the 12mm and the 20mm.
    If yours is a 4.5" aperture, your maximum realistic magnification is +/-
    (50 x 4.5)=225

    you have a focal length of 600mm so,
    a 12mm lens will give you a magnification of 50x
    a 20 mm 30x
    and a 4mm 150x
    If you are in the market for a Barlow, many people here recommended an Orion
    Short 2x Barlow.
    The dealer I visited this weekend talked me out of it for my particular
    scope, and recommended a
    laser collimator would be a better purchase for me right now with this
    And maybe a nicer 12mm. But, since I have 1.25" lenses, I can use this lens
    on my new scope (which I will get someday).

    my 2 cents...

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    Default Recommended Eyepieces

    Telescope Buyers FAQ

    "In this universe the night was falling,the shadows were lengthening
    towards an east that would not know another dawn.
    But elsewhere the stars were still young and the light of morning
    lingered: and along the path he once had followed, man would one day go

    Arthur C. Clarke, The City & The Stars

    Freelance Writers Shop
    Telescope Buyers FAQ

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    Default Recommended Eyepieces

    Hi Pete, Going to 1.25" eyepieces would give you more light and better
    views, especially at higher powers.
    However, if you are determined to stick with the .965" opics, you will find
    that there are not many quality eyepieces made it that size anymore.
    You can go to and you will find several .965 eyepieces
    in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 12.5mm, 20mm and 25mm for $3.75 each.
    You can try classifieds eyepieces and you will find
    hundreds of used items for sale there.
    "computer_user" <> wrote in message om...

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    Default Recommended Eyepieces (computer_user) wrote in om:


    AFAIK there aren't many makers of decent 0.965 eyepieces around.
    Takahashi would be the exception but be prepared to pay. It would make
    more sense to get 1.25" oculars which can be kept and used with a better
    scope if you eventually buy one.


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    Default Recommended Eyepieces

    Llanzlan Klazmon The 15th <> wrote in message news:<Xns93FF804ABB4F2LlanzlanLlurdiaxorbn@203.97. 37.6>...

    Thanks for all your advice, everyone.

    I think I'll try out just a 12mm 0.965, seeing as they're pretty
    cheap, and if we're hooked then start collecting higher quality 1.25"
    as an investment.

    Thanks again.




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