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    Default Mars still "worth" viewing?

    Hi, I am a bit of a (understated) astronomy newbie and was wondering
    if Mars was still worth viewing (in MA here). I know the best time
    was almost 2 weeks ago but it seems to me that it is still quite
    bright, if that is still the case then i thought i would try to get
    over to a telescope (one of the observatories around here) and take a

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    David Knisely Guest

    Default Mars still "worth" viewing?

    Gaiko posted:

    Yes, it is still worth viewing, and probably will be for at least a month or
    so, unless a big dust storm gets going. There are hints of some new dust
    activity in the Hellas Basin, so I would get to your local observatory as soon
    as you can. Clear skies to you.
    David W. Knisely
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    Hyde Memorial Observatory:

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    Default Mars still "worth" viewing?

    Mars will be good viewing through October.
    By mid November however, it will be half the apparent size it was on Aug.


    Don Baker
    Go 18, 5 & 14....(also 8, 40, & 30)

    "Gaikokujin Kyofusho" <> wrote in message om...

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    Default Mars still "worth" viewing?

    Yes, get out their and take a look.

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    Default Mars still "worth" viewing?

    Get thee to a telescope. Mars is still good for viewing but by the end
    of Oct. it will be quite small. Do it quickly.


    In article < >, says...



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