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    Default Meade 80MM Autostar Telescope any good?

    I'm thinking about purchasing this scope from Heartland. Here is what they
    say about it:
    This Telescope makes it easy! It has 675X magnification, 80mm objective
    diameter, huge 900mm focal length and a 6x30 viewfinder. You also get Meade'
    s Autostar computer with handheld controller and one-touch Go To command.
    Comes with 4mm, 12-1/2mm and 25mm eyepieces, 3X Barlow lens, aluminum tripod
    and bonus Meade Electronic Eyepiece that lets you view images on your TV. I
    can't find any info on Meades site. Is this a good starter scope that I
    won't out grow to quick. TIA


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    Default Meade 80MM Autostar Telescope any good?

    John Cheak wrote:
    There's no way you can get a good 675X view from an 80mm objective;
    under ideal conditions you could go to about 160X (according to the
    2X per mm 'rule'). This means that the supplied 4-mm eyepiece is
    pretty well useless for this 'scope, and has only been included to
    let the manufacturer advertise an impressive-sounding (but quite
    unrealistic) magnification. The highest useful power you'll get with
    this setup will be from using the 25-mm EP with the Barlow, giving
    108X; you'll get 72X from the 12.5-mm EP and 36X from the 25-mm EP alone.

    Dividing the 80-mm aperture into the 900-mm focal length gives f/11,
    indicating a fairly narrow field of view and somewhat dim images; the
    instrument will therefore be fine for lunar and planetary observing
    but, I think, rather unsatisfactory for 'deep-sky' objects and
    completely unsuitable for photography. As for the go-to feature, many
    amateurs enjoy finding things at least as much as actually looking at
    them, so your money might be better spent on more optics and less
    electronics -- but only you can decide, based on your particular interests.


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    Default Meade 80MM Autostar Telescope any good?

    "John Cheak" <> wrote in

    This is a joke right?


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    Default Meade 80MM Autostar Telescope any good?

    That is one of those department store telescopes. It is a waste of money.
    While the GOTO is nice, it is silly to get a GOTO on a garbage scope.

    I don't know how much this costs, but you would be better off saving for a
    real telescope.

    Look at - They have some decent, lower end scopes. Don't
    do what many of us did - we wasted money on our first 60mm (or similiar
    sized) department store garbage scopes.

    "John Cheak" <> wrote in message

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    Default Meade 80MM Autostar Telescope any good?

    If you want to see what 675x looks like thru 80mm, take a look at a
    newspaper photo under a microscope.

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    Default Meade 80MM Autostar Telescope any good?

    The scope is total junk.

    Capt RB



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