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    Default High power binoculars

    What are they like and what size would you recomend for astro watching, as I
    am thinking of buying one.Thinking of the 25 X 100, does anyone have one and
    are they worth getting.

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    Default High power binoculars

    "Memiself" <> kirjoitti viestissä
    I had the chance to try out a pair of 25 X 100 binoculars. They were great,
    an d i ordered a pair immediately. They haven´t arrived yet though. Few bad
    things: they are very heavy (you absolutely need a tripod), and the field of
    vision is only 3-3.5 degrees ( so you only see a small part of the sky).

    I´ve had alot of fun with my 8 X 42 allround binos. They show a lot of
    stars, don´t weigh much, and the field of vision is 8.5 deg. And they didn´t
    cost much.

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    Default High power binoculars

    "Memiself" <> wrote in message

    Just a suggestion, implied by the first response. Try 'em out for what you
    want them applied to (stargazing, wildlife, etc.), and if you find them
    good, buy 'em. But you didn't mention make or model, and if they're not
    optically excellent, you may find trying a higher quality pair worthwhile,
    such as Nikon HG, Zeiss Victory, Leica, Steiner, Swarovsky, Fuji, etc. I
    gather Zeiss Victory's roof-prism 10x56 are a great compromise between
    relatively low weight and excellent optics, for a specific example, for
    around $2,200US.

    Personally, when one gets up to 25x, I'd consider a telescope. FWIW.
    Regards, Brett.

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    Default High power binoculars

    Thanks for the replies, much apreciated.I own a 4 1/2" saxon equatorial
    reflecting telescope at the moment and was just wondering if seeing was any
    better with binos.And am in Australia.
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