Three for the price of one! <g>

Here are more of the greatest of the greatest in the
science of astronomy...

Harlow Shapley and Heber Curtis got together about 85
years ago and debated the "nature of the universe". And it
took the hardworking genius of Edwin Hubble to prove
beyond doubt that, after all was said and done, both Curtis
and Shapley were right... and wrong.

Remember how i'm always saying how seemingly EASY it
was to reclassify the cloudy looking object in the
constellation Andromeda from a "nebula" to a "galaxy"?
Well, as you'll see when you dine on this beefy debate, it
just wasn't really as easy as it may appear to us in the here
and now.

To delve into this great debate is to get to a deeply moving
idea, an understanding, as to how the mind of a great
scientist works and thinks when focusing and arguing on
some of the most controversial thoughts of the day!
^^ The Great Debate ^^

happy days and...
starry starry nights!

Indelibly yours,