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    Default Starry Night trial

    Trying to DL and install the Starry Night demo. Received an email with
    a link to the download site.
    The file I download to disk is DigitalDownloadInstaller.exe.
    Site instructions say the file I download should be
    When I double click the file I get something about a number mismatch.
    I have tried to download the file by selecting 'Run' instead of 'Save.'
    I am then asked to select a target folder for extracted files. But it
    comes right back to requesting a target folder - an endless loop.
    What am I missing?
    Starry Night support seems TERRIBLE. No response to email. No answers
    from phone support. (Is this typical?)

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    Default Starry Night trial

    JLunis <> wrote in news:Qlv9e.5000$Ah5.4274@fe05.lga:

    I can't help you with this product as I haven't used it myself but
    people who do use it have told me it's a good product - sorry you had a
    bad experience. I personally use the freeware Cartes Du Ciel. Maybe you
    should try that:




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