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    Default TOBS: Blind Faith or Blind Stupidity?

    Rob Naylor wrote:

    nothing at

    without life, there would be no evolution correct?

    TOE does not pass the scientific method.


    many astronomers are dropping BB.

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    Default Blind Faith or Blind Stupidity?

    "jabriol" <> wrote in message

    True, but totally irrelevant. The theory of evolution, as I said before,
    says nothing about how life arose in the first place, it just gives
    mechanisms for its development since. Evolution is still the best
    explanation we have for the development of life, whether it originally arose
    spontaneously, or by seeding from elsewhere in the univserse, or by an
    invisible sky pixie causing something inanimate suddenly to be alive.

    Of course it does.

    Again irrelvant to my point, if true (big bang says nothing about life,
    whther its an accepted theory or a discredited one).

    However, speaking as someone with a first degree in astrophysics,
    specialising in cosmology, I think you have your facts wrong there. I know
    of no serious cosmologists or astrophysicsists who seriously doubt that the
    big bang is still the best explanation we have for what we see. The only
    significant problem recently facing big bang cosmology was that the NASA
    COBE and WMAP satellites showed that the cosmic background radiation is
    slightly "lumpy". However, new data and new interpretations of the effects
    of dark matter and dark energy seem to fully account for the anomalies.

    So, which "astronomers" are ditching big bang right now, and why?


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    Default TOBS: Blind Faith or Blind Stupidity?

    jabriol wrote:

    What does this have to do with astronomy, jabriol?


    Classic unsubstantiated and erroneous claim.

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    Default TOBS: Blind Faith or Blind Stupidity?

    i dunno
    ask the dinosaurs
    or was the discussion intellect.
    i do not believe the idea of the big bang had anything to do with what you
    went through last saturday night.
    Life is at best, a slight abberation of the cosmos.\

    There is severe non evidence of other life, in the universe.
    However, no one discounts, a bog someplace with yeast organisms, brewinjg up
    a good beer. So maybe the bog will create man, or maybe a dinosaur.

    considering the newsgroup listing here.
    DO you find particular power in being human. Or is figuring out the
    trajectory of an ice planet hitting Mars, your interest.

    humans are fair gross.
    they search for meaning of a life of no meaning. you live, you die.

    so a stairway to heaven is open to them, but not for someone in a

    "Dr. David Tholen, Ph.D." <> wrote in message



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