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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    Last nite for the first time, I saw Saturn thru a telescope! WOW! Sure, i was
    using a low-power eyepiece, so the planet was quite small...but it sure was fun
    "thinking" that the orange-ish star up there just "might" be Saturn, based on
    its location (I have only been able to use the scope twice since Christmas
    because of foul weather)--so I aimed my finder on it, then located it...with
    the ring system coming out very sharp! Now I need a high mag eye piece to make
    the planet appear bigger....I hope with my 90mm mak-cass I will be able to see
    multiple rings <??cross fingers???!!> with a high power eyepiece.

    I finally got a telescope for Christmas, and last nite was pure wonder seeing
    the giant gas planet flying across the sky--highly recommend an Orion mak-cass
    for newcomers!

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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    "FanDome123" <> wrote in

    if you use it every month then you can get a bigger one next Christmas!


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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    Congrates on your first sight.

    Using a 90mm you should be able to split the rings, it'll take some practice
    and good weather conditions. You should be able to get an eyepiece that
    puts your scope up to about 150x mag. This is about the limit of your scope,
    roughly speaking. You've also picked the perfect time of year to try for a
    first look at Saturn as the Earth's orbit at it's closest to Saturn (this
    make saturn look bigger, it's called opposition). In a couple of months
    Jupiter will be in pefect position for the same.

    Can I ask, how long did you stay at the eyepiece observing this beauty?
    During my best session of Saturn, I stayed at the eyepiece for about one
    hour, without a break, it was just soooo encaptulating. At the time I
    didn't have an photo equipment, but that doesn't matter as the image it now
    etched onto my eye ;-)


    Colin Dawson

    "FanDome123" <> wrote in message

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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    On Sun, 16 Jan 2005 07:25:43 +0000, FanDome123 wrote:

    Congrats! You are in for some serious fun and lots of awe and wonderment!

    Have FUN!!!

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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    "FanDome123" <> wrote in message

    congrats! Yes Saturn is very impressive. A higher power eyepiece will allow you to split the
    ring, but only just. And you will need good atmospheric conditions and a cooled down scope (to
    ambient temperature). In my ETX105 I was able to see the cassini division maybe twice.
    You will also enjoy Jupiter later this year with your scope!
    10" LX200GPS-SMT

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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    On 16 Jan 2005 07:25:43 GMT, (FanDome123) wrote:

    Congrats. Now you are hooked.

    Find out about Australia's most dangerous Doomsday Cult:

    "You can't fool me, it's turtles all the way down."

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    Default I SAW SATURN !!!! First Time!!!

    "FanDome123" <> wrote in message
    i was
    was fun

    Grats. It's very exciting every time you get to see something new! I know
    how you feel, I still get that feeling.

    Webporgmaster of
    I'll be leaning on the bus stop post.



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