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    I am currently working in a secondary school and want a change of
    scenery, I have an interest in astronomy and am considering doing one
    of the open university beginner courses, in the subject. I would like
    to perhaps get a job in this field, even temporary, and would like
    some advice on how to go about it.

    I am in the UK at the moment. My maths is ok, (should be good enough for
    the course at least) and I have studied chemisty to AS level in the UK.
    In addition to this I have good computer skills (windows, Linux and
    some mac) currently runnign seti at home. My current job is a mealtime
    assistant with addiitonal duties to pick up litter so I consider my self
    somewhat overqualified and under used, (but it's a stable job).

    I would like to break out of this cycle and start on something really
    useful, I have experience working with children.

    Main problem is the usual
    Not enough experience (but need the job to get the experienc)
    Need a qualification but in the case of a NVQ teaching assistant course,
    need a job to do the course. but people want experience and
    qualifications, and I am up against people who have these.

    I have tried to apply for Teaching assistant posts and Lab technician
    posts as my chrmistry knowledge and practical skills should give me a
    good start in this.

    I am starting to think perhaps I should look elsewhere, and as the
    astronomy course is about £99 is affordable. Can anyone perhaps offer
    some advice please.

    The TA course is £280, which I can't really afford, however it's free
    if I give up my current job, and live off benefits, and work as a
    volunteer, (I simply don't want to do this), I want to actually earn a
    wage, not rely on taxpayers money.

    Thank for any advice.

    Paul Sutton

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    "PAUL SUTTON" <ZEN14920@ZEN.CO.UK> wrote...
    in message news:41a3abed$0$1078$

    'Lo Paul --

    You sound like a "bottom-up" kind of guy. I'm this way, too.

    You're not going to be happy until you go to the nearest
    observatory and start learning the real goings on. You may
    have to begin by sweeping floors and such, but this probably
    doesn't bother you. Some of the greatest discoveries have
    been made by people who started from the ground up.

    Wish you the very best!

    happy days and...
    starry starry nights!

    Be very wary...
    For Life will zoom past ya,
    Pay heed when I say--
    Tempus fugit ad astra!

    Indelibly yours,

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    You might want to try and get a job with one of the research councils. PPARC
    would be a good starting point but others like NERC have a lot of lab
    technicians where your skills may come in useful. Ideally you want a job at
    the Royal Observatory, Edinburgh (I used to work in the admin dept there
    several years ago). Worth browsing their web sites for vacancies...


    "PAUL SUTTON" <ZEN14920@ZEN.CO.UK> wrote in message



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