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    Default New Astronomical Images Group

    A new Yahoo Group is now on-line. This group is about locating, identifying
    and alerting members to the most beautiful and interesting astronomical
    images on the Web. The emphasis is on admiration for the wondrous beauty of
    the cosmos. Images taken by professional or advanced amateur sources are
    presented here. These can include not only Deep Sky images of nebulae and
    galaxies, but also pictures of planets and moons taken by space probes and
    landers. They will always be found in the Files section of this group. Their
    purpose is to help amateur astrophotgraphers have a sense of what to strive
    for, and make comparisons with their own work. But beyond that, they are
    just beautiful to look at.

    To access this group please follow this link:

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    Default New Astronomical Images Group

    Kinda Late, before yours there was and still is : Astronomical_Images on


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