Space is a dynamic medium.

To begin to understand this, reach in the cupboard and take
out a glass. Look into the glass, and what do you see?

Many would say "nothing," there is "nothing" in the glass. We
can't *see* anything in the glass, can we? And yet, we know
that there *is* something in the glass, don't we? We call it
"air". It is everywhere around us. And air is what we

Okay, go to the faucet and fill the glass with water. Now we
can see that there is something in the glass... water. What we
have to be able to see is that the area inside the glass is NOT
water molecules with air in between them. It is not oxygen
and hydrogen atoms with air between the protons and the
electrons. "Air" is made up of other molecules, oxygen, and
nitrogen, and so forth. So we can honestly say that there is
no air in the glass. The water has "displaced" the air. And
so now, there is only one thing in the glass... water.

I submit to you that space, the area between the planets, and
between the stars, between the galaxies and the clusters of
galaxies, space is similar to the glass full of water. It is not an
empty "void" which houses things. Just as when you fill the
glass with water and you displace the air, space is filled with
something that displaces any perceived void. Just as there is
no longer any air in the glass, there is also no void in space.
Space is an energy field, a dynamic energy field. In fact,
space is made up of numerous energy fields. And these
energy fields flow.

But, you may say, the water is just "sitting there" in the glass.
Well, when you first filled the glass from the faucet, there was
movement in the glass. The water flowed here and there in
swirls and eddies, and then it finally settled down. If we pour
the water into a pot, and we boil it, then we can begin to see
what is happening with the energy fields of space.

But, you may ask, what would cause space to "boil"? And
here is where the water analogy must end. The molecules of
water, when boiling, move and flow and push against each
other. If you cover the pot, you will find that boiling water
will build up *pressure*. But the molecules of water are a
form of "matter". As matter, the molecules just push against
each other, the sides of the pot and the lid. They vaporize,
turn to steam and slowly boil away.

Space as fields begins with "space as field". This is the field
which has such a short wavelength and such a high energy
content, that it spawns the electrons and positrons which give
rise to the many other flowing fields of space. This is the field
which stretches and shrinks as the Universe expands and

This idea is well-based in science. Many of you have studied
certain ideas which come from quantum mechanics. So far,
mainstream science has deduced that a principle of
uncertainty underlies the universe. If you have not yet studied
this uncertainty principle, it may do well for you to study it
just a bit before you continue with this idea of flowing space.

One of the results of the uncertainty principle is that now
physicists believe that energetic particles, particularly the
electrons and positrons of the last paragraph, can and do
appear for very brief periods of time "out of nowhere". They
call this action "quantum fluctuation". We will take this idea
and expand it both ways.

We will show that these energetic particles come from
"somewhere," what i will call the Primary Constructive
Dynamic or PCD, and we will show that as a result of the
mutual interactions of billions and billions of these particles
in each and every cubic centimeter of space (including the
space right under your nose), tremendous pressure, like
that of boiling water only a great deal more intense, gives
space an enormous density... and pressures it to flow.