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    Default takahashi or astro-physics

    I've been interested in astrophotography since the late 70's although other
    pursuits have kept me from pursuing it. I am now in a position to purchase
    equipment for astrophotography, but I am unsure how to proceed. For years,
    I wanted to purchase a fine SCT telescope, but these days, refractors seem
    to be in vogue. I would like some advice. Should I buy a Meade SCT or
    should I buy a refractor? I will primarily be interested in
    astrophotography, with visual observing only occasionally. SBIG certainly
    seems to be the CCD camera of choice. If I should buy a refractor, should I
    go with Takahashi, or should I wait in line for an Astro-Physics telescope?
    I want a really fine instrument, although it doesn't have to be the absolute
    finest available. I just want to get into astrophotography in a big way and
    take some really wonderful images of many of my favorite celestial objects.
    Any advice will be very much appreciated. Best wishes,

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    Default takahashi or astro-physics

    Your choice of scope would depend on whether you want to shoot widefield or
    smaller objects like galaxies. A refractor would be the choice for
    widefield. And an SCT would be better for the smaller objects.
    Or, if you wanted to shoot both, you might buy a good SCT, plus a set of
    fine telephoto lenses for the wider shots.(That's what I did).
    It all depends on how crazy you want to get, what type of imaging you want
    to do, and how deep is your wallet.
    Whatever you do, you're going to love it.
    Hope this helps.
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    Default takahashi or astro-physics

    You're starting on a wonderful journey!

    I've got a Celestron CGE1100 and a Tak FS-78 piggy backed to it, SBIG
    ST-7 and a Meade LPI imager for planetary work. I had a Meade 8" LX200
    and gave replaced it with the Celestron. I suggest the following:
    1. If you ONLY want wide field images, get a quality APO (Tak, Teleview,
    Astro-Physics, etc). I couldn't be happier with the Tak FS-78.
    2. The best all around choice is a SCT; you can get focal reducers which
    work very wellto get wider field shots.
    3. One of the most popular CCD's is an SBIG ST-10XME. I will eventually
    replace my ST-7 with one. However, look at mags like Astronomy and see
    what the people who submit pictures use. I'd like a dream machine, but
    can't fit it into my budget!
    4. The most important piece of equipment is the mount if you're going to
    do CCD astrophotography. Get a good German equatorial mount. At star
    parties I see the pro's with, almost exclusively, Astro-Physics 900 and
    1200 GTO mounts. I'd give an arm for one. You also need a good focuser
    (like Robofocus) and color filter wheel for color shots.
    5. You WILL have a great time, but plan on a hefty learning curve before
    youe images start to turn out the way you want! I thought my CCD was
    broken the first three months I had it because none of my shots was
    coming out right; it was my own inexperience!

    By the way, the CGE1100, FS-78, ST-7, and ALL the extras (laptop,
    software, eyepieces, focuser (bigger expense than you think!), CFW8
    filter wheel, VanSlyke slider) come to about $10000.


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    Default takahashi or astro-physics

    If $10,000 isn't your number, you can save a bit by going with the CGE
    9.25 and Orion ED-80.

    "Dr. Philip D. Martin" <> wrote in message
    although other
    refractors seem
    should I
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