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    Default GPS Alignment

    I have the Celestron 8i with the GPS. After a GPS alignment and just before the
    time verification the telescope is not pointing north or is not level. Is this
    normal or should the scope be positioned level and north at this point before it


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    Default GPS Alignment

    "Magician's Apprentice>" <DSCWebmaster<remove> wrote in message
    This is normal.
    Basically, (for example), the 'level' detection, does not involve finding
    'level', but the point at which a small detector 'switches'. This will
    differ from scope to scope. Once the detector is calibrated, the scope knows
    where the 'real' level is, compared to it's sensor, and will know how much
    adjustment to make to find the stars. The same process is involved with the
    compass sensor.
    So the accuracy with which stars will be placed will depend on how precise
    the measurement is of this error. The scope has options to calibrate the
    level, and calibrate the compass, which should be performed after getting an
    aligment as accurately as you can manage. It'll then know how far off the
    detectors are.

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