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    Default Blueberry Bowl Mossbauer spectra ...a Match... for Biotic Stromatolite! Graphs Included!

    Trust your own eyes!

    A Bowl of Hematite-Rich 'Berries'
    Mar 18, 2004

    "This graph shows two spectra of outcrop regions near the
    Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity's landing site.
    The blue line shows data for a region dubbed "Berry Bowl,"
    which contains a handful of the sphere-like grains dubbed

    Blueberry Bowl chart

    A Mossbauer investigation of iron-rich terrestrial
    hydrothermal vent systems: Lessons for Mars exploration

    Jack D. Farmer
    NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, California

    Dr. Jack D. Farmer
    Currently, Jack is the Director and Principal Investigator of the NASA funded
    Astrobiology Program at Arizona State University, he leads the NASA
    Astrobiology Institute's Mars Focus Group and is on the Executive
    Board of the NASA Astrobiology Institute. He holds appointments
    on various NASA committees including the.....

    4. Siderite as a Component of an Ancient Stromatolite

    "Mossbauer spectra at two temperatures of a freshly slabbed
    portion of a 2.09 Ga (Early Proterozoic) hematic chert stro-
    matolite from the Gunflint Iron Formation (PPRG 2443) are
    shown in Figure 26. The high-velocity ferrous peak migrates
    from its position at 100 K to overlap the fifth peak of hematite
    at 19 K. This behavior and the agreement of the splitting pa-
    rameters with those of siderite argue that this sample contains
    a small fraction of siderite. (dominant siderite peak at -1090 cm-I).
    The sample investigated was freshly slabbed for the Mossbauer
    transmission measurement, so the iron carbonate is interior
    to the native stromatolite rock. Its occurrence in this 2.09 Ga
    old rock in- dicates that long (billion-year) survival times
    for siderite are possible when preserved in silica."

    Stromatolite Graph
    (Fig 26, bottom of page 15)



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