Abstract: In this article I show that there are signs sufficient to understand that cosmic x-ray are light and waves with frequency increased by gravity (probably), this explain why normally the emitter is not visible and more solutions in x-ray. Can to seem difficult to understand that gravity increase the frequency but give good answer to all show x-ray radiations and also there is today no good answer by light traveling in empty space.


First any solution this hypothesis give: black holes are like black body, black holes don't show light (this give the name of black holes), black holes emit x-ray, many points emit x-ray but not visible light, x-ray background, x-ray from Galaxy Clusters. All this is easy to explain by conversion from light to x-ray by gravity in black holes and difficult in other form.

Show 1 by 1:

1x - Black holes are like black body: any emission from black hole is converted to x-ray, also by reflection (need also escape from the gravity of black hole).

2x - Black holes don't show light, the classic theory say that "cannot escape nothing, also light" but this is not really true, black holes emit particles by the poles. In this solution black holes emit light in x-ray spectrum.

3x - Black holes emit x-ray: ok with 2x.

4x - Many points emit x-ray but not visible light: the light and all waves are converted to x-ray. Probably that seem that also emit light is from other point really.

5x - X-ray background: Probably any gas clouds before to be stars are black holes (really this is demonstrated that any stars without light are black holes), it's more probably in the first stars in time probably only there is hydrogen. Here is important understand that in that distance (CMBR) 1 degree is more of 2000 milky way like I write in my website. This coincide more with my hypothesis over that universe cannot expand (this is impossible and is creation) and CMBR not exist and before stars only is gas clouds creating first stars (maybe other elements). This is another proof according to my model and against expansion, big-bang and creationism.

6x - X-ray from Galaxy Clusters: Actual theory say that are empty and very hot, this is difficult and more to have near 200 times the temperature of stars that have energy and according to the model are empty. Against this my hypothesis is according to a galaxy in the middle that with the addition of gravity emit x-ray and by that not visible. By the actual theory they would emit also light visible and by that we need to consider in all forms incorrect.

6.1x - Old galaxy Clusters: "The X-ray emission originates from the hot intra-cluster gas: subject to the cluster's gravitational potential, the gas is compressed and heated to temperatures of over 10 million Kelvin, and shines at X-ray wavelengths." - An Old Galaxy Cluster Discovered In The Young Universe - difficult with actual model and according to my model where only are cluster with addition of gravity making x-ray and not light visible. In my model galaxies and clusters are near the same. In my model galaxies only are concentration of stars that attract others and also sweep the space.
7x - By actual theory black holes are consider at same time like big gravity and at same time empty, this 2 models are incompatibles and I only accept gravity mass. Only many matter and dense can attract by gravity. Is time also to understand that wormhole is impossible.

8x - Temperature of black holes incorrect: theory actual say that temperature of black holes is very low and this probably because not emit light and understand this is in the form of x-ray give a good answer. Theory actual say: "Quantum mechanics predicts that black holes emit radiation like a black body with a finite temperature" - Black hole - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "A stellar black hole of one solar mass has a Hawking temperature of about 100 nanokelvins." Really a black hole absorbs stars and need at least have that temperature and also increased probably by breaking the light emitted.

So I give here the hypothesis that the gravity in big mass brakes the light and by that this grow the frequency or decrease the wave length, and by any question remain in this frequency after to abandon the massive attraction of black hole. This brake and increase of frequency only is by black holes, probably only in very low distances without action in less gravity where light escape quickly from gravity. This effect is in all frequencies, not only light and affect to hot and cold black holes.

This idea can to seem strange and impossible but the facts are the facts, this answer well to all the know conditions. Also another qualities of light today are strange like that light (wave) travel by empty space and only accepted in past by ether and today by quantum.

Another probability would be that by more gravity black holes have less dissipation and by that the temperature grows until conversion to x-ray from light but this only would to be useful for very hot black holes.

Another probability would be by others forms of create x-ray, today is know by eating, but for example in past only know to create light by incandescence: light bulb, fire, … and today we know diodes, fluorescent light.

This hypothesis also answer the question of that light is brake by gravity and not only curved.

The result is against to the visual expansion of the universe (remember my work against real expansion of the universe in my webpage), the expansion stretch the wave, the gravity by black hole concentrate. Really x-ray in the universe also are stretched how is supposed.

Other linked hypotheses: not wormholes, a black hole is big mass that make big gravity and not a hole, there is not geodesic (the way that travel the light is not curved, is curved the light) how I say in my web, the space cannot to be created, expanded, compressed, curved.

Luis Biarge Baldellou

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