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    Default New Cassini image of Saturn

    Looking at the newly released image, does anyone notice a slight, diffuse
    glow around bright edges of the rings and planetary limb? The Cassini narrow
    angle camera experienced hazing after the Jupiter encounter and the team was
    trying to remove the haze afterwards with heating treatments. They did
    manage to remove most of the haze, but it's apparent some is still leftover.
    What interests me is why the imaging team decided to stop these treatments
    when the camera is not completely cleared up. Does it have to do with the
    fact that a certain threshold of haze simply cannot be removed or what? If
    that were the case, that touch of bad luck would somewhat degrade the image
    quality the superior optics and imager could provide, compared to the
    Voyager spacecraft...

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    Default New Cassini image of Saturn

    more likly it has to do with the amount of power they where using and
    not wanting to use up more than what they need so the probe would have
    enough for when it reachs saturn and also knowing that it's there,
    they can clear up the image on this end if needed.

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    "Ugo" <> wrote in message
    Cassini narrow
    team was
    with the
    what? If
    the image

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    Default New Cassini image of Saturn

    "starlord>" <starlord<*> wrote in message

    Actually, when it comes to power, it's not like you describe it. The 3 RTGs
    the spacecraft is carrying supply an almost constant amount of heat (that
    slowly decreases over the years). That heat is created whether or not it is
    converted to electricity so there's really no reason to 'save' power for
    later mission phases because it simply cannot be saved! Also, the spacecraft
    was in cruise phase with most of the instruments turned off so, again, it
    most likely wasn't a power issue. As for clearing up the image here on
    Earth, how do you propose to do that? Sounds to me like some kind of magic,
    similar to those in the movies where a heavily blurred image is restored to
    crispness with computer processing...

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    Default New Cassini image of Saturn

    Ugo wrote:
    Oh, it's easy enough to make a blurry image "crisp". What's hard is
    recreating lost detail without resorting to 'faking' it, i.e.
    extrapolating. If you mean that it's impossible to produce a uniquely
    identifiable portrait of a face from a handful of pixels -- as is
    often portrayed -- I agree entirely. But it's no problem making those
    pixels as crisp or 'contrasty' as you like. OTOH where details of the
    subject can be *interpolated*, as for a smoothly diffuse or
    geometrical object, an artificially enhanced image can be very accurate.




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