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Thread: Omega Nebula ?

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    Default Omega Nebula ?

    I'm sitting here scratching my head, trying to figure out what I was viewing the other night. Just left of Sagitarius, I spotted what looked like a faint galaxy with my eyes, though I know that wasn't possible while out on the lake after watching fireworks on the boat. Later on after getting home, I got my binos out only to see an open cluster. The next night, I rolled out the Z10 to get a better view & what I had seen the night before was actually an impressive nebula from what I could tell.The odd thing is that Stellarium & my maps don't show anything where I was aiming. Omega & M26 are the only two objects I can think of, since both those were in the same configurement but my maps & Stellarium show them more to the west, but to the top of Sagitarius just the same. The neb was at a 7p - 1p angle, which matches Stellariums Omega, but I'm perplexed on how off this is to what I was viewing just the same.

    Any ideas ?
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    Lat night I was aiming for the Eagle, Star Queen or Omega Nebula.

    I found what I thought was a nebula at 01:20, not sure which one it was a sketched the view and four stars near it.

    When looking of Stellarium I found the four star formation and clicked where my object was to find it saying 'IC1276', after googling the photos of IC1276 or Palomar 7 I am convinced this was what I saw.

    Maybe this was what you were looking at as IC1276 is 6°higher and 7°west (Az/Alt) of the Omega Nebula.
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