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    How to Publish And Submit an Astronomy Equipment Review

    Why write an article?

    Its fun to write a review as it can nicely summarise why you purchased the item, and give you some reflection on how your purchase went. It also gives other astronomers some indication whether this is a good product or not. We think its important that we all feedback on quality and value so that as astronomers and human beings we can help each other.

    Please help other new and experienced astronomers by giving feedback on any of your purchases no matter how small or large, how frugal or how expensive.

    Review Types You can Submit Here

    • Previews - preview upcoming equipment
    • First Light Report
    • Review after several lights
    • Detailed Review after several years usage (please note usage in time/ownership)
    • Software Review (review software)

    How to Submit a Review

    Simply write as usual submitting a thread in this forum and you can simply copy the template below to start! Just click here to start!:


    Why Submit an Article?

    Your review will be displayed to over 1200 subscribers of the new newsletter (and growing daily - published weekly every Tuesday weekly) and the over 5 million yearly visitors to AF.net and TelescopesAstronomy.com

    We allow link backs to non-commercial sites (mainly personal blogs)

    To submit an astronomy article please click on New Thread in the Telescope Astronomy Equipment Review forum, or click here:

    Submit a Review Now

    Select your review type when generating your new thread (preview, first light, review, detailed review, software review)

    and follow this simple template:


    - a descriptive title

    eg. How to Collimate a Telescope

    Content/Main Article
    - please include a detailed article, with photos if possible.

    About the Author
    - please include a bit about yourself.

    We allow links to non-commercial sites (links back), including blogs you can include this in the About the Author. Great to include a small picture of yourself or portrait and if you would like your username and most popular forum on Af.net
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