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  • A review of the Celestron Regal 100ED Spotting Scope as a Grab-and-Go Option

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    Celestron Regal 100ED Spotting Scope mounted on an altazimuth mount.

    It comes with a 1.25" 8mm (22x) to 24mm (67x) zoom eyepiece, and has a locking mechanism that locks the eyepiece in place. You can use other 1.25" eyepieces, and I tryed a few of mine out. They work well and gave good images. As far as the zoom eyepiece, it produced very sharp and crisp images at 24x through 67x. I did not notice any loss of clarity going from 22x to 67x. On the contrary, I noticed more and sharper detail. I was testing it in the daytime and noticed more detail on object in the distance, and at nighttime noticed that at 67x it allowed me to see stars that were not visible at 22x.

    It has a built-in extending shade to block light. I, at this point, have no opinion of it, but would assume that it will be useful for daytime digiscoping or birding.

    It has a screw that allows you to loosen the body of the scope and turn it in place. I noticed that it works fairly well, but sometimes seems to lose the image when turning the body.

    It has two focus knobs for course focusing and fine focusing. I think the two focus knobs work very well. I had read some articles about not being able to focus with higher magnification eyepieces. I could get pin point focusing with all the eyepieces that I used that went up to a range around 200x. I had initially noticed some loss of detail at 200x, but would have to do some further testing to actually verify the loss of detail.

    An additional note concerning the apochromatic lens of the Regal versus the achromatic lens of the Ultima (the Regal's little brother), there was a very noticiable different between the two 100mm spotting scopes when it came to sharpness and color. The Regal was a lot move vivid as far as color and very tight as far as sharpness. The Ultima seemed to be more faded out in terms of color and just a little bit more dull when it came to sharpness.

    When viewing the moon, it gave sharp clear edges and lots of detail. At 22x and 67x, I didn't not notice any loss of surface detail. When viewing Jupiter at 22x and 67x, I could easily see four moons (they were extremely sharp) and could see two bands on Jupiter very distinctively. The bands were very dark against the surface. I didn't notice any fading of color in the bands at 67x.

    I'm not going to go into the details about my new Celestron Heavy-Duty Altazimuth Tripod except to say that it is very sturdy and very light with flexible hand adjustment knobs. I believe it was an excellent purchase.

    The main reason that I am bring up the tripod at all is that it weighs about ten pounds and my spotting scope weight about five pounds. I have spotting scope semi-permanently attached to the tripod for a quick grab-and-go option. Tonight, I grabbed it with one hand when out the back door and set in patio chair and was observing within five minutes. I viewed everything that I was wanting to view and was back in the house in fifteen minutes.

    It also comes with a screen on metal cover that attaches to the body and protects the eyepiece. The eyepiece has a metal twist up eyecup, that doesn't seem to serve much purpose in my opinion, other than a cover for the threads that will allow you to attach a T-ring for astrophotography. There is a T-ring adapter that is provided to attach the T-ring to the eyepiece. It is secure when screwed into place.

    I own a 127mm Maksutov-Cassegrain and a 180mm Maksutov-Cassegrain. I consider the optics on my spotting scope equal to the optics on my telescopes if considering aperture as a standard barrier. I know that the Celestron Regal 100ED Spotting Scope has a label of a spotting scope, but I personally consider it more of a personal telescope than a spotting scope. I think it is by far the best option that you could go with for a quick grab-and-go personal telescope.
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