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    Default RDF prob,continuous running, too fast for tracking, but not fast enough to be slewing

    I have a new 6SE and have been having various issues with it.

    1) the RDF was WAY WAY off. After fiddling with it for a while I noticed that the picture of the telescope looked a little different than my setup, and took out the two screws and TURNED the MOUNT AROUND. That helped, but not enough. I had to add a shim under the the mount towards the back of the telescope to get the axis of the finder to go towards the center of the telescope enough to center.

    2) after then aligning the RDF and scope, I did a skyalign. Said "match confirmed" looked a a couple of objects including the moon and a double star, both of which it slewed to and then I had to use the hand control buttons to center... not far off, just maybe a sixth of the eyepiece. Then picked andromeda galaxy. The scope slewed for a little bit, then slowed down, kind of like it was tracking something. But WAY too fast for actual tracking... something like a few degrees per minute. The stars would go across the eyepiece in about 2 seconds... after that it didn't matter what I picked it was misaligned and kept doing the same thing. Even tried to return to the moon, and it was maybe 20 degrees off, and still doing the weird slow slewing thing.

    Any ideas? The batteries were fresh have about 2 hours on them, the firmware is 5.22 and MC is 5.14.

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    If it's like my N11GPS, it does a fast slew to start off, then drops to a slower rate for the final bit. If you wait a bit, it should get where it's going and track normally.

    The mounts are also known for getting through batteries quickly, and doing odd things when the voltage drops. A lot of people run them off a 12V jumpstart pack, with the batteries just to protect against losing alignment if there's a connection glitch .



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