Need some input from other SkyProdigy users on the forum.

Is there any way to fine tune SP alignment; that is, some way to better center the object in the FOV? The first time out, the object was nearly centered and stayed so for most of the session, gradually slipping to the bottom third of the fov but still in it. Second time out, the initial alignment had the object already in the lower third and, gradually, it slipped to the point where it was just outside the bottom of the fov, and I had to use the arrows to bring it "up" and into the fov.

Is there any way, short of re-doing the entire alignment process, to fine tune SP?

With Meade's AutoStar, when the alignment was a bit off, you could manually center the object, then hit "Sync" on the keypad and the system would micro-radjust the coordinates so that subsequent alignments were centered. And you could hit Sync, say, every 4th or so object to maintain center-spot alignment.

But I don't see any way to do something like this with SkyProdigy.

Have any of you SP users discovered one?