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Thread: Loose nut

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    Default Loose nut

    Normally, I would joke that the nut is behind the viewfinder...but I this case, it appears that ther is a 3:8 nut in the scope. Since I don't wanna scratch the mirror, I think I wanna go fishing, but is that a bad idea with the type of scope? The focus knob is fine but that may be the culprit it. The only other thing that comes to mind is a bolt at the front of the dovetail that might be it?

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    Default Re: Loose nut

    Hi Photog. You definitely need to get that out of there. Simply remove the front corrector plate. Make sure you mark it so that you put it back in the exact same orientation that you took it off. Once the corrector is off you can tip the OTA forward and let the loose nut fall out. You should also be be able to determine where it came from at that time. If you are uncomfortable with that I guess you could carefully try and get the nut to the front of the OTA and use a magnet on an extendable handle that would go through the back of the Tube where the diagonal attaches. I would still recommend removing the corrector to get at it because you are probably going to have to re-attach it anyways.
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