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    Default Best Eyepiece for CPC 800


    In various reviews and threads dealing with the CPC800, I have read that this telescope offers top results when a new eye piece or a 2" angular is fitted as replacement of what comes originally with it.
    Could I have your advice of what you consider to achieve the best possible results for viewing a) the planets and b) deep space objects.

    Needless to say that I am a novice, still struggling to find my feet and the happy owner of a brand new CPC 800.
    I am also one of these guys watching the Southern stars hemisphere, home in South Africa.
    All the Best

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    I own a CPC1100 as well as a Celestron 8i (same as the 8Se)....

    But I use 2 different sets of eyepieces with my 8i (same identical OTA as the CPC800) at home and another with much less expensive eyepieces when I do outreach events or when I do local star parties... and BTW I use a Denkemier S1 power switch 2" diagonal on both scopes ..which allows each eyepiece to give me 3 different magnification with the push or pull of a lever...

    At home my eyepiece case has:
    8.5 mm Pentax...10 mm Pentax..12 mm Pentax ..14 mm Pentax...20 mm Pentax.. 24 mm Meade 5000 SWA ..31 mm Proxima and a 35 mm Panoptic

    My "traveling case holds the following
    13 mm Orion Stratus...17 mm Orion Status..24 mm Meade SWA and a 34 mm Meade SWA

    The seconds set is much cheaper (about $400 for all of them on sale) plus they are "almost as good" as the Higher end eyepieces and by almost I honestly mean they are darn good and plenty good enough that I could use them every night and not feel like I missed anything...

    So in my 8i
    The 13 mm will give me: 103x 156x and 312x
    the 17 mm will give me : 78x 119x and 238x
    the 24 mm will give me :55x 84x andr 168x
    the 34 mm will give me : 39x 59x and 118x

    the 13 and 17 work well on planets the 24 and 34 work well on DSO's...

    HOWEVER...every one of us has a different opinion about please take my relay with a grain of salt...I do not
    like 82 degree FOV's so everything I own are 68-70 degree FOV with the exception of the 8.5 and 12 mm Pentax which are used at home for detailed views on planets as they are only 60 degree FOV eyepiece but for high powered planetary or lunar views wide angle eyepieces offer you nothing...

    Hope this at least gives you a clue about eyepieces for your CPC800

    Bob G
    CPC1100 housed in a slotted domed observatory (Exploradome) 4 and 5 inch refractors for use from the lawn, a 8" Sct (NS 8i) for star parties...
    I Hate the winter so I use heated Motorcycle clothing to stay warm while observing in winter
    Retired, also have 2 other hobbies
    1. tinker with older Corvettes (6 in garage)
    2. make a heck of a lot of sawdust in my wood shop.

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