Last night I was blessed with another clear night. There was a lot of moon
and it was up high most of the night, but I was using Ha and [OIII] filters
so I wasn't too worried about it; I was just happy to have a clear sky after
all the rain we've had recently.

I took some more data for the Cone project and began taking some exposures
of Thor's Helmet in Ha and [OIII].

I did not get but one hour's worth of Ha for Thor but did assemble it into a
sample shot: sort of an early look-see at what may be in store.

I used my Dream Machine exposed through a Custom Scientific 3nm Ha filter.
The scope was my C14. I used and AO7/ST7 for guiding via an RCOS Optical
Systems Dichroic Beam Splitter.

The C14 is running about f/12.46 with the long imaging train hanging off the
back. At that slow focal ratio, I was running 20 minute exposures and took
three, which were median combined to make the image.

More results when they become available.