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    Default Seeking advice on GSO RC 8" & HEQ5 PRO for Astrophotography

    Kindly be patient and read it and of course help me to decide

    First thing first, i am newbie in astronomy and i don't have any telescope or mount what so ever but i want to do Astrophotography. But there are two problem:
    1) I have limited budget and
    2) There is no authorized dealer or shop for telescope where i live.
    So i have to buy all the equipment from abroad in fact from Australia cause i have someone who lives there.

    After researching about it on internet i realize that a HEQ5 PRO mount and GSO Richey-Chretien 8" telescope will be good just within my budget and as the budget is an issue for me I will use that telescope for visual usage for now as i will gather more money (God help me) for a camera (may be canon DSLR) i will switch to Astrophotography just like this guy (Deep Space Place - GSO 8" RC).

    Source for the equipment:
    1) HEQ5 PRO ----- Skywatcher HEQ5 Pro GoTo Mount
    2) RC-8" f/8 astrograph w/M-LRC focuser Aluminium tube ------ Andrews Communications - Telescopes

    Now, question
    1) what kind of Eyepiece do i need to have?
    2) What kind and size of extension tube and/or focal extender do i need? (it seems it is needed as pictured in these websites:
    Deep Space Place - GSO 8" RC
    Guan Sheng 8” CF-RC - Review

    3) Do i need right angle telescope eyepiece? If yes which one will fit with it?

    4) Will any of this set will work with this telescope?------- Eyepiece Kits

    5) What else do i need? for visual now but switch to Astrophotography later.

    6) Any other better options available?

    As i have to import these things from Abroad i have to be just right so that i can use it right out of the box.

    Please help me with your valuable advice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Seeking advice on GSO RC 8" & HEQ5 PRO for Astrophotography

    1) Eyepiece selection depends greatly on what you want to do with it. There is no 'best' eyepiece, as one that is good for viewing planets won't be so good for viewing large DSOs, etc. On my Z10, I keep a 30mm on it most of the time for wide field, use a 20mm when I need to get in a little closer, and switch to a 10mm when I need to bring something close. I rarely go past 125x on it, but your needs may vary. That site says they come with 25mm and 9mm eyepieces, so I say start with those until you decide you need more.

    2) Not sure if the 8" model comes with extension rings or not. I'm looking into the AT6RC, which is a rebranded 6" version of the scope you're looking at, and it comes with two 2" extension rings to help with focus. Chances are the 8" model will need these as well, but I don't know enough about it to be sure. (Depending on the nature of your limited budget, you might want to look into the AT6RC, as it costs about half of the 8" version)

    3) For visual observation, you will definitely want an eyepiece diagonal, lest you be stuck sitting in contorted positions to see into your eyepiece. I'd recommend a 2" diagonal with a 2"-1.25" adapter. That way you have a diagonal that can take either size of eyepieces.

    4) With the combo above, those eyepiece kits will work, but I suggest holding off on getting them until you try out the included eyepieces. Like I said, I rarely use more than one eyepiece, and often only keep one extra nearby.

    5) You'll probably want a focal reducer. Many people I've seen using GSO RC scopes love Televue's 0.8x reducer. That will give you a 1300mm f/6.4 scope

    6) The EQ-5 mount might be a bit overloaded with that scope and it's imaging gear. You'll probably want something more than that for imaging, such as the Orion Atlas or the Celestron CGEM. Conversely, you could step down to the 6" model and save yourself the headache of such a heavy scope with such a long focal length. After weeks of research and min/maxing, I'm saving up for an AT6RC for imaging. Starting out with a focal length of 1650mm when you have no experience is a nightmare waiting to happen. I've been stargazing for years and just recently got into astrophotography, and my 1000mm refractor is just about right for most things I look at and shoot. The 6" can be reduced to 1100mm @ F7.2 with the same reducer I mentioned above, which is a pretty decent mix. I've heard that there is some vignetting at that setting on DSLRs, but that it can be removed with flats.

    RC scopes often get a bad reputation when it comes to visual use (they're really designed for imaging) due to the large central obstruction, but every review I've looked at where the reviewer used it for visual observation, they loved it. Like I said though, I would definitely either A), invest in a sturdier mount, or B), get the smaller option. I would choose option B if it were me, as it will be much easier to work with as you learn how to use it.



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