example of the digital world encroaching on real life, and other news

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by , 12-30-2017 at 01:49 PM (459 Views)
while watching GMA (Good Morning America) on CBS (TV channel, for those outside USA), i witnessed one of the people doing an emoji, with her hands, on TV, and proclaiming "I heart you" as a reply to another persons comment.

I have no problem with using an emoji in a digital setting, as it is hard to pass emotion via black and white text. but when using it is real life, i view it as lazy. perhaps i am wrong, but what is real life coming to?

In other news, i woke up thinking i would bundle up and try a night sky shot with a wide angle lens on my camera. i mounted my camera on the tripods removable block thing, headed out, popped off the lens cap, just as i noticed a glimmer of light on the horizon, and turned on my camera... to find the battery needed to be charged.
so, note to self. next time, have the camera ready to go, and CHECK THE BATTERY!
really surprising though, as i have not charged the battery at all, until now. i was working off the charge put on it from the person that sold me the camera. i have ordered more batteries, so next time i should have one to swap into my camera, if i again forget to check.

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