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  1. How to Setup a Blog at AF Blogs Part 1.

    by , 06-03-2012 at 07:36 AM
    You see the newer blogging feature at AF and wonder how hard it is to use. I am going to quickly walk you through basic steps to writing with a blog. Many of the WYSIWYG features can be explored later on as you get comfortable with using the tools within the blog application. The interface is much like any Microsoft document.

    Step 1. A Blog needs a name and also a descriptor just like any website. You must first go to Blog settings and make these changes see screenshot below: ...

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  2. Dropbox App to Share Large Files

    by , 06-03-2012 at 06:02 AM
    Have you ever had the need to share large files but were limited by your email space? In my search for a great program I stumbled upon a program called Dropbox. The program is free with 2 gigs of online storage and can even be updated to 16 Gigs of free online storage by following a few simple tasks. The paid options offer 50 gigs of online storage for as little as $99 a year or even larger capacities in Terabytes are available for team collaborations.

    Dropbox offers some very handy ...

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  3. 1st post & review of the lx90 8", ES 102mm ED, & CG-5AT

    by , 06-01-2012 at 05:59 PM (Notes from the field. My rants raves and frothing at the mouth about this maddening and frustrating buy lovely hobby)
    Hi & thank you for looking.

    Never thought I would actually blog about something since well... My life just isn't that interesting & I don't have too bad a case of adult onset narcissism ... Hopefully someone will find these postings helpful or at least interesting...

    Took the plunge into the hobby a little over five months ago & with my typical ADD jumped in with both feet to the deep end with much research ...
  4. Problems with a tal 1 telescope

    by , 05-31-2012 at 07:54 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Don Mackay View Post
    Hi all,

    I am new to astronomy and have just bought a used scope complete with barlow and lenses.While I can view the moon with the 25mm possle lens ok, when I insert either the 3x Barlow or any other lens, I cannot refocus!

    It is very frustrating not to be able to view at higher magnification, what if anything can be done? The mamufacturer states x 196 is possible with the Barlow 15mm lens combination?

    All I have read about the scope states it is an excellent
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