1. Reference for light pollution

    by , 02-12-2016 at 10:45 PM
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    Once you've got all that down. One of favorite graphs (actually it's a nomogram) is this one:

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  2. Control stellarium scope from another ocmputer?

    by , 01-24-2016 at 04:11 PM
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    Yes, wifi and I imagine it would be much better if it were hard wired and that is really not an option for me.

    But it really is quite easy to run stellarium scope from a remote computer running stellarium.

    You have to configure the telescope control plugin to talk to the remote computer by changing local host to the ip address of the computer connected to the mount

    Pentax Binoculars-stellariumcrop.jpg

    it worked quite well

  3. IC 1805, The Heart Nebula in NB

    by , 01-02-2016 at 09:08 PM
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    Thanks again folks.

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    Very nice. A lot of work!

    What do you use to align the Ha, Sii, and OIII after each filter group is stacked in DSS?
    I use this tutorial, second one from the bottom under the Archived Tab "Registering and Calibrating Your Raw Images in Deep Sky Stacker"

    Tutorials - Light Vortex Astronomy
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  4. Negative moon

    by , 11-23-2015 at 02:21 AM
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    I've seen this on some solar images. Why not the moon?

    a bit more normal

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