1. Abell 7, M42, Abell 21 (Sh2-274) Medusa Nebula, M101 galaxy, on 24th February 2017

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    Hello all,

    this is a short report on a short observing session with my 6" F/5 achromatic refractor.

    Abell 7 planetary nebula in Lepus
    The Abell 7 touches a triangulum of 8mag – 9mag stars about 2° west off Mu Leporis, so its position is easy to find.
    With its large extent of 871“ x 670“, and low surface brightness, it has been for a long time on my to-do list.
    Close to 20:00, the Zeiss (magnification 58.6x) eyepiece with the UHC filter has
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