Experiment suggests reality isn't objective

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Except for the fact that it's an experiment.... I'm finding it hilarious that the humans are picking the most metaphysical alternative as an explanation. Since the experiment depends on three assumptions (objective reality, free will, locality) there's a bias in making the interpretation about only the first.
Slight elaboration.

Free will is the shakiest of the three assumptions. It is least subject to experimental test since the subjective sense of free will is rather elusive and could be merely an illusion. Free will has the status IMO of a myth we tell ourselves to make us feel better. I'd be surprised if the scope of human free will were as large as humans wish it to be.

Locality is another weak link. JA Wheeler, Feynman's thesis advisor, once proposed a one electron universe.

If the universe's only electron lives in a multidimensional space and the many instances of that electron are merely projections or images of the "one electron" onto 3+1 dimensional spacetime, then locality is inedibly burnt toast.
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