a problem article: axions as new ideas for DM? i'll need to take a deeper look

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Sometimes an article that I don't like very much accidentally stimulates interesting ideas. This article led to such a serendipitous idea.

I've been interested in monopoles of the Dirac type for a long time as an approach to the fine tuning problem as mentioned. So it seemed to me that it would be interesting if say in the Kaluza Klein Theory (a geometric theory of both gravity and electrodynamics that lives in a five dimensional space time, one dimension rolled up into loops) there were Dirac monopoles. If I knew of such work, I had forgotten about it.

So I found:

We demonstrate that the five-dimensional Kaluza-Klein theory of unified gravity and electromagnetism admits soliton solutions. These are regular, static and stable solutions of the field equations which correspond, upon quantization, to particles. The solitons include magnetic monopoles, which obey the Dirac quantization condition, as well as magnetic dipoles which are topologically stable. The inertial mass of the solitons is typically of order mp/e, where mp is the Planck mass and e the electric charge. These solitons have bizarre gravitational interactions; in fact they exert no newtonian force on slowly moving test particles, thus they have zero gravitational mass. We explain how the inequality of the gravitational and inertial masses is due to the violation of Birkhoff's theorem in Kaluza-Klein theories and is consistent with the principle of equivalence.
This is an important paper by Gross which has a rich citation history:
Magnetic Monopoles in Kaluza-Klein Theories - INSPIRE-HEP

So there is already a body of work that won't have to be redone. I just need to sift through it and look for the existence or nonexistence of opportunities for fine tuning.
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