First Light, New ES 10" Dob

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by , 01-02-2016 at 07:55 AM (474 Views)
1/1/16 - 1/2/16
Wilmington, MA

Scope; ES 10" Dob

9pm - 3am

Finally after day and night of clouds days on end I reach a clear night with periodic clouds. Okay better than nothing. I didn't go crazy attempting to find deeper smaller objects, I'm saving that for when I start my project for messier 40 sketch award. So I just took it easy and went to the usual.

Orion Nebula

I was able to get real close to each object without any distortions due to passing clouds and such. Orion nebula looked real clear and sharp close up using a 3x barlow. Pleiades filled my 40mm EP too bad I don't do astrophotography. Andromeda looked like what I expected with my light pollution, a smudge, However with a ten inch it's a more solid and little brighter smudge. I am waiting to bring this dob to darker skies in New Hampshire and then report on Andromeda from there, I get way more detail. Jupiter stayed pretty low to the horizon, I saw its moons along with its clouds bands. Finally when the moon had risen I tested using 20mm with 3x barlow to get a real close view of the lunar surface along with some cool views of its terminator, The shadows were VERY sharp.
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