How to attach the SLT pier to a CG-5 style tripod

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by , 11-27-2016 at 03:40 AM (1246 Views)
So this is what happens when I get bored, I start looking at different ways to get more out of the gear I have handy.
So I have come up with one last adaptation of the SLT pier mounting.
Attaching it to a CG-5 style tripod, which it turns out is very simple.

Materials required:
1- ¼” x 20 TPI redi-rod
2- ¼” x 1” wingnuts
2- ¼” x 1” washers
A hacksaw or angle grinder to cut the redi-rod

Start by removing the 3/8” tripod center post which will simple thread out the bottom of the mount.
Remove the alignment pin.

Put a wingnut and washer on the redi-rod and spin down to half way down the rod. Place the rod through the eyepiece/ spreader bar and then spin another wingnut and wash down the redi-rod.

Insert the rod up through the bottom of the mount hub and set the pier into place.
Screw the rod into the mount base and then tighten the first wingnut to hold it in position.
Now that the pier is help firmly in place tighten up the second wingnut to position the eyepiece/ spreader bar.

Depending on the type of hub on your tripod, you may have to cut a small wooden circle for the bottom wingnut to tighten against.

Once the spreader bar is tightened into place, mark the rod to where you want to cut it at.
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