Successful test with NexRemote and all the other software.

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by , 07-12-2017 at 03:19 AM (871 Views)
I have been trying for a while to get Celestrons NexRemote software to play well with Cartes du Ciel, PHD2 and AstroTortilla, and tonight I had a very successful test with all 4. It started out with with powering up the scope, with the super secret DB9 cable plugged into the hand controller. It grabbed COM3 from the available Window ports, which I verified in Device Manager. I then started up NexRemote and in the setup screen told it to use COM3 to talk to the scope, and defined COM10 as the virtual port everything else would use. At that point COM10 appeared in Device Manager as well.

I then started up CdC and told it to connect to the scope using the Celestron ASCOM driver and COM10. I clicked on the "Connect" button, and it reported success, and mapped the FOV circle to the correct spot on the map. Next PHD2 was started. I went to the connection menu and asked it to connect to all devices in my profile (the guide camera and the ASCOM scope). It was also successful. I used the drift align module to slew to a spot near the meridian and celestial equator, which it did smoothly. The NexRemote controller and CdC also followed along. Finally I started AT, and had it connect to the scope. It reported the same RA and DEC coordinates as everyone else.

I then selected a few objects in CdC and had the software slew the scope to them. All the control readouts followed along and everyone agreed about the coordinates they were pointing at. As an added bonus the Celestron behavior that keeps the scope on the correct side of the mount worked successfully (East side of the mount for objects in the West, and vice versa). That feature had given me trouble in earlier tests so I was happy to see it behaving as expected.

As an added bonus I checked the marks I have on the mount for setting up for balancing and found that I was pretty far off with what I had marked. This is good news because my last couple of outings have had really bad guiding performance. I hadn't checked the balance for those sessions (even though it is on my checklist), I am hopeful that having balance correct will help with future sessions.

And one more thing. I had a heck of a time getting NexRemote to accept my latitude and longitude. It kept coming up with something way out west, and wouldn't allow me to change it. I finally figured out that if I defined Location 1 in NexGPS with my coordinates, NexRemote would use them when it started. The behavior survived several restarts of NexRemote, we'll see if it survives a re-boot of the PC. If not, I may have to amend my procedure to start NexGPS first and load the coordinates from Location 1

All in all a good nights test run... now to try it out for real!

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