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by , 04-25-2014 at 06:33 AM (1130 Views)
This has been the craziest weather I have ever experienced in my 12 years in the high desert. When I first moved here, the heat was what I worried about. Clouds were something like this, "What are clouds?"

We've had our share of bad weather. We have had two weeks of constant rain just after I moved up here, that caused very bad flooding. We've had shorter bouts of flooding. We've had winds, some as high as 100mph. We've had temps in the teens, and a few days of snow.

But this year has been so odd. Clouds were a constant for some two to three months. When the clouds have not been present, the winds are here in 10+mph or better constant.

Anyway, I am just tired of it, and tried tonight to do some backyard viewing with my Orion Starblast 6i. As soon as I get set up, the winds picked up, rattling things so badly that trying to split double stars of less than 15 seconds was basically impossible. I managed to view about a dozen tonight. I stuck with a 13mm eyepiece because the vibrations were so bad.

I got to see a couple of globular clusters also. At least those are so big that you know you are seeing something.

And I managed a few galaxies. Don't even know which ones they were. I was just happy to get some observing in, even if I couldn't maintain a record. Papers just would not stay put.

Anyway, cabin fever has been reduced a tad. I guess everyone has been going through this, this year. Hopefully Mother Nature will start being kind to all of us.

I especially am hoping for some good days so that I can finally get a chance to use my new AP equipment, but I am not holding my breath. The weekend star party is looking at clear skies, but winds 15-25mph. Not exactly conducive to taking photos through a telescope.
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  1. astronomynut's Avatar
    Day two of this commentary. It's been howling all day long, and is predicted to get even howlier. Yeah, I know there is no such word, but it describes things here in the wonderful, used to be, clear skies and calm nights desert. And people are saying there is no such thing as climate change. Yeah! Right! At least in my area, the weather is getting crazier by the day.
  2. astronomynut's Avatar
    Last night I had hoped to do my first photos with my new equipment. Unfortunately the wind was still howling, and I never took the equipment out of the car. I stayed to visit and partake in the Star-B-Que with other members of the RAS.
    While there, I was given my recognition for the Messier Marathon of last month, a certificate for 105 out of 110 objects.

    I also asked the Star Party Director if I would be allowed to go up to the site on days other than the star party days, and was given permission. Only problem is there are not creature comfort facilities available, unless one of the renters of pads/observatory shelters is there. So I have to hope that someone is there, or make my imaging sessions very short.
    I can only hope that the weather finally abates to something conducive to AP. The SP Director said not to try anything fancy first. Just snap a picture, look at it on the screen, make adjustments, and try again. Once I have something nice, snap as many as I can. Good advice.
    As usual, the morning (daylight) was dead calm, then the wind came up howling. The same winds are predicted all day and night, with calm again in the morning. I hope I have a good entry to place here soon, and with those over on the AP section. Would be nice. I don't expect anything spectacular. Just hope it is recognisable.
  3. astronomynut's Avatar
    I have finally go my viewing fix. The winds finally went away. I was not ready to take my equipment to a dark site for AP, but I did get plenty of viewing with my Starblast 6 on my new backyard observing pad.

    I saw 9 double/multiple stars and 7 DSO's. All I can say is what a wonderful night. I actually drew rough pictures. I guess I need to start getting practice on drawing, so I can pursue my 70 Messier Viewing Award. I sure hope the weather stays like it is.
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